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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Doggerel in the Kitchen

Once upon a weekend sunny
Tried to think of something funny
Searching through lines of illegible notes.
While I scrambled, thumbing pages
Looking for the laugh of ages
Came there then a scratching sound
Pawing at the kitchen door.
“Darn the doggies evermore!”

I was deep in concentration
Humor lost to contemplation
Dialogue from his Playstation
Which as parents we deplore
Curious, stilted conversation
Made me chuckle even more.

Then the doggies made their entrance
As it is in every instance
Muddy feet on my clean floor
Paws and tails were wildly flailing
Patience in persistence failing
I succumbed to waily wailing
As they muddied up the floor.
“Darn the doggies evermore!”

I lost my pen and grabbed a pencil
Wrote a tale with hands prehensile
Shining like the Christmas tinsel
Of the doggies at the door.
Lashing through the kitchen wildly
Hit a spot to put it mildly
Slid across the kitchen floor.
Dog ballet; I laughed still more
They crashed into the outside door
Thank the doggies for this lore!


Blessed said...

Oh the muddy doggy prints of yore...
sad to say now they stay outside my door!

thanks for the laugh :)

Melissa said...

Hi there -- I love your blog (the title is great!). Thanks, too, for commenting on my blog. Have a good year!

colbymarshall said...

This morning the pooch dragged something muddy inside so I was running behind her getting it up with paper towels as she left a mud trail. But I love her :-)

Kathy said...

Nice poem!

I like your blog.

Visit me some time at

lostgirl said...

two words: You're Awesome!

Amy Mullis said...

And two words for you, Loser Girl. You're hired!