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Friday, March 6, 2009

Bloghopping around the web not long ago, I came across (tripped over) something that puts the jingle in my bells like nothing else. The chance to talk. (Thanks to Eileen for lighting the way.) As long as I hop on the soap box that Baby Boomer extraordinaire popartdiva picks out, I can expound away and nobody, neither Superman nor the Nintendo-playing teenagers on the couch can stop me. I haven't felt this kind of power since I ate all the Girl Scout cookies without giving the dogs a single bite. (That line is a lie, they still have peanut butter breath, but it's a good example.)

This week’s topic is “Are We Wasting the Resources of our Elders?” and while I stumbled on the topic late, I still managed to come up with an opinion. Those of you who know me well will not be surprised. You may sigh deeply, roll your eyes, and catch the latest episode of Lost, but you're not surprised.

As one of the youngest of the generation that knows all about life and has tried it on like a clearance rack sweater, I am, in fact, a baby Baby Boomer. Still, I’m over fifty, if hugging the back side of fifty like a first-time skydiver hugs a parachute counts as over fifty. So I know a little bit about resources: Green stamps, plastic, and the theme songs to twenty years’ worth of situation comedies.

I’ve lived through hard times. As the youngest, I was the one who always had to do the antenna aerobics to get a good picture on the television. When Romper Room came on I had to hold the rabbit ears skyward like the staff of Moses, and I didn’t dare move until Miss Nancy put down her magic mirror. These days I automatically do arm rotations whenever the HDTV signal goes bad.

I remember a time when a tin foil plate full of tater tots and fried fish was a gourmet meal. When you had to wait til the other people on your party line finished their conversation before you could use the telephone. When you had to wind the film in the camera before you could take another picture. Civilization was in its infancy.

Knowing something of this kind of hardship, Baby Boomers are wary of wasting resources. But as sure as the Beatle’s hit, “Hello Goodbye” is now an advertising jingle for Target, we’ve recycled enough resources to provide fertilizer for generations to come.

So the kids these days had better not pick on me. I know all the words to Green Acres.

And I’m not afraid to use them.


Pop Art Diva! said...

Ah, you are a girl after my own heart - theme songs from retro tv! No wonder you made a reference to Mayberry RFD on your comment on the SATURDAY SOAPBOX at The PopArtDiva Retro Baby Boomer Blog. So, what about the Andy Griffith Show - the original that led to Mayberry RFD, catch any of those?

I too was the youngest though I was not required to act as the rabbit ear adjuster - I was however relegated to last position to pick what show we watched on the 3 black and white channels we had available, lol.

I loved this very funny comment on the inaugural post "Are We Wasting the Resources of our Elders?" - you managed to point out that we are a generation who remembers a time when things weren't quite so push button easy - rotary dials on phones and knobs on televisions! We are a resourceful generation for a time when the push buttons stop working - we know how to fix them and we know how to do without them.

We can deal with hard times, we learned a thing or two about it from our parents who went through the Great Depression and we've been through a few wars and "recessions" ourselves, we have something to share and that, to quote Gloria Gaynor is, "We will survive!"

Thanks for stopping by - now, click over and read this week's Saturday Soapbox: "Reinventing Ourselves After Fifty"

Honee said...

I remember some of that. Does that mean I'm old?