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Thursday, March 6, 2008


While I was waiting for Celebrity Gossip to load over my dial-up Internet connection, I whiled away the time by licking the crumbs off the breakfast plates and perusing the headlines in our local paper. It seems that our City Council, having exhausted their legislative efforts in a road maintenance fundraising extravaganza known locally as the Pothole Tax, recently decided to proceed with an innovative stroke of legislation involving leash laws for cats. This idea is known locally as Stupid.

Leashing a cat is nearly as effective as lassoing escaped methane from a pasture full of Texas Longhorns.

I know from experience how unproductive this sort of excursion can be. (The catwalking, not the methane lassoing. I have teenaged sons, but I find that a quick shot of Chanel Number Lysol takes care of them.) I attempted the leash walking feat before. They say experience is the best teacher, and I have a new respect for anti-bacterial cream, sterile bandages, and super glue.

At the time, a light bulb came on in my head, and I had one of those epiphanies you read about in the life stories of people who make a fortune selling their ex-wife’s wedding gown on e-Bay.

I would use Lucy’s puppy collar and leash to take our ten-year-old tabby for a stroll. Lucy’s a Dachshund. Her puppy collar was designed for comfort and was quite sporty. What objections could Justin have? Little did I know the wattage in my light bulb was way too low. Justin put out my little light with a power surge.

“Son, run in and get me a Band-Aid.”

“Just one?”

“Well, make it a big one.”

“Anything else?”

“Got any spare Type O?”

After all I’ve done for that kid, he wouldn’t part with a pint of the good stuff for his mother.

I also discovered that it violates the Feline Bill of Rights to give Kitty a bath or even, thoughtful as it may seem, to baptize him in the toilet. (Don’t ask. Remember I have kids.) I have so many scars, the doctor thought I had striped skin.

“Say, how many children do you have?” he asked, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

“Two. Why do you ask?”

“Either you delivered 137 children by C-Section or your obstetrician starts drinking very early in the day.”

After my adventures, it’s not odd that I’m taking a stand against trying to tame cats. If the good Lord wanted them to be domesticated, catnip would grow wild in my yard instead of ragweed and sticks.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the efforts of the City Council to rain down order and justice on an unsuspecting population. But it occurred to me that if we’ve advanced as far as cat confinement, it’s time to move on to more important things, like extending high speed Internet capability out to my house.

I’ve checked with the authorities about that Internet thing. I talked with a smug young man who speaks English as a fourteenth language and probably greases his eyebrows with olive oil.

“When do you think DSL will make it out to my house?” I asked chummily.

He laughed cruelly. Guys like this weed out the stragglers in the herd like a cheetah in its prime.

“About the time they tame cats.”

“Well, put me on the list. They’re about to vote it into law.”


Dawn said...

I love how you tied in the dial-up at the beginning to high-speed at the end. :)

Is this true??? What city are you in? Just for the record, my house has voted, and Xena says "leashes are for dogs," Onyx doesn't want to be "tied up," Ghost if there was any food in it for her and Panzer said, "I'm not sure--Ooh, look, a spider!" (Panzer is our special kitty.)

the Bag Lady said...

Are you my neighbour? Oh, maybe not - don't think the idiots around here have tried the to pass the cat leash law yet! But we have probably spoken to the same guy about getting high-speed...maybe there's only one guy, answering all those calls. That would explain why it takes an average of 37 minutes on hold, listening to the string orchestra version of Hey, Jude before you get cut off and have to call back.

Amy Mullis said...

Yep, I'm afraid it's true. I really don't have high speed Internet access! (And the City Council is really considering the leash law, too.)