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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Since Bill Dear tells me that today is our anniversary, and because we’ve agreed not to buy any gifts, I thought I’d better take several seconds to reflect on the highlights of our years together. And since I’m worse off than a redneck without a rear-window gunrack when it comes to poetry, I’ve decided to create something that leans a little more toward my area of expertise: a list. So here is my Top Ten List of Adventures From Our Eleven Years Together.

In the first months of married life, you totaled both the new car and my new husband. Insurance covered them both, but it turned out that replacement parts for theToyota were easier and cheaper to come by than parts for your knee. I expected to do a little redecorating when we got married, but it would have been less expensive just to buy you a nice recliner. And if you pop me with that cane one more time, so help me you’ll be using it as a designer toothpick.

A few years later we totaled the Toyota again – this time together, which explains why the Toyota dealer turns off the lights, draws the blinds, and puts out a sign that says VOLKSWAGEN whenever we drive by.

We survived the Great Rice Krispie Treat Incident. The year I was going to make homemade goodies for Christmas gifts, you left me alone while you went for a grocery store run to stock up on provisions. When you left, I was measuring cereal into a cup. When you returned, I was covered in a marshmallow and Rice Krispie coating, my hands were cemented together like mortared bricks, and the telephone receiver was attached to my hair like a possum baby clinging to its mama. You took the blame for leaving me unsupervised, a random act of kindness I could appreciate more if every Christmas you wouldn’t bellow, “If you’re making cookies, I’m calling 911!”

We bought a Queen-sized sleigh bed. Otherwise how would we fit two boys, three cats, a Dachshund with a diva complex, and the front half of a Labrador in one place to watch Who’s Smarter Than a Fifth Grader on Thursday nights?

You joined the Baptist Church. Who else would forsake the energy and excitement of the Pentecostals and the quiet dignity of the Lutherans to spend eternity singing the first, second, and last verses of every hymn?

I lost my job. I went from a liability to an expense faster than Batman can double park the Batmobile when my office downsized, an event that affected our bank account much like the Grand Canyon influenced the terrain in Arizona. You suggested clever cost-cutting measures such as selling the children to gypsies. The gypsies brought them back, demanded a full refund, and refused to pay a restocking fee.

You introduced me to cultural events to broaden my horizons. Now that I’ve heard him sing in person, I still think Leon Redbone is missing some teeth.

We merged closets. I didn’t know that when he's angry a man’s jaw muscle really jumps like a Jack Russell terrier like the romance novels described until I suggested you put all your belongings in the coat closet in the front room.

You got a dog. For someone that lived quite successfully in a pet-free bachelor pad for eight years and the quiet company of cats before that, bringing home a big, black dog was like inviting Godzilla home to sleep on the couch--and walking him through the streets of Tokyo every night at seven for exercise.

You became a GPS for my entire family. When my sisters and I got lost trying to get home from an amusement park an hour away from home and called you, giggling hysterically, from a restaurant where we stopped to consider our plight over plates of sugary snacks, you successfully directed us home by phone. Any other man would have hung up and changed phone numbers.


plaidearthworm said...

How sweet! And now is the time when he sweeps you into his arms, and says, "I'm the luckiest man on earth!"

liss n kids said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

the Bag Lady said...

Awww, romance at it's finest!
Happy Anniversary!

colbymarshall said...

A very happy anniversary to you, and may you have many more fun years together!

Robin said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many, many more! Very neat post. Brings back a recolection of a old man in our previous church that once said there was two things he didn't want to be in our church. The front pew and the third verse cause no one wanted to have anything to do with either.

plaidearthworm said...

LOL, robin! That's a great line!

Amy Mullis said...

Thanks for the good wishes everybody! I would like to report that we went out for dinner to a place with real napkins and sharp knives and without toy prizes or food names that begin with "Mc" and not only did we stay awake through the whole thing, we conversed wittily (okay, the waiter was witty--I was so full I mostly rubbed my stomach and groaned happily) over coffee afterwards. (My idea of a good cup of coffee is that there's not one. Bill Dear's idea of the perfect woman is one who once had a long-term relationship with Mr. Coffee and kept custody of the brew.)

Carolyn said...

Belated Anniversary Greetings!

I can't imagine a better pairing than you two. (Hmm. Except perhaps my dh and me.)