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Saturday, October 30, 2010

And The Winner Is... ME!

Hiding My Bread on an
Autumn Morning

Whose loaves these are I think I know

They are not made of bakery dough

I won them on the Internet

A goal was reached; I’m not there yet.

The children think I’m greedy too

I will not share, and so would you

Keep them to yourself to eat

If you had such a yummy treat

I stashed the box with certain care

In the drawer with underwear

Because the boys would never look

To see them snuggled in that nook.

So now I feast on honey bread

Swirled with cinnamon instead

Of sharing it with kids and Cap

Full and happy, off to nap!

Thanks to Lost Girl from whose


Came ideas for this scrumptious bread

She cooks with healthy recipes.

On her blog find more like these!


Janna Qualman said...

ROFL! Love the pics.

Lisa's a great baker, isn't she? (I won muffins the last go 'round.)

Lisa Dovichi said...

ROFL!! Awesome baked goods poem!!!!

You, Ryan, and The Cap crack me up! I'm so glad you guys liked the baked deliciousness.

As official guinea testers I expect a full run down on what was your favorite, how they shipped, and what you thought of each recipe. That way I know if I need to make any alterations.

I'm a writer, I can handle the crit! :)

Love you, Doodlesnot!
xxx's and ooo's

Janna, you're just the sweetest to say so! *hugs*

Amy Mullis said...

Janna, wouldn't you love to have Lisa for your very own cook? Man, I would.

I love being a guinea tester! It's my favorite thing! You're the best. I'll have a full report soon--there's not much left!

colbymarshall said...

Honeybread! With cinnamon? Scandalous!