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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dearest Amy...

We woke up this morning feeling old and sluggish and not well rested. My sinus infection, your bad back. My bum knee, your bum hips. So many things that come with age. But right now we're making soup for lunch while reading the paper and talking about how we'll probably celebrate NEXT weekend at the Dog Show, since neither one of us feels like partying today.

And that's fine.

Because we who have reached a certain point in life, if we've watched the world carefully enough, know how to make adjustments. It comes with wisdom, you know. The ability to celebrate the day, not the date. To look at a gray hair and not see age, but a battle scar.

So Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. You're still the best thing in my life, and my life has always been full of good things.

Soup's on. Let's enjoy.

The Cap'n

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