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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Point and Shoot

It's not that I don't enjoy sharing my birthday month with a fat, naked, stalker baby.

But couldn't he spend a little less time playing Black Ops and a little more time practicing his real life aim? Join me over at An Army of Ermas to see what Cupid's up to now.

And if you missed my birthday, don't worry. There is no late fee for expensive gifts.

Or chocolate.
P.S. That flower the Captain is holding? Is DEAD.


ralfast said...

Drat! Did I miss that one again? Well the chocolates are in the mail, or at least the box is. I couldn't help myself to at least 1...2...well the box is still in the mail....


Happy B-day!

Amy Mullis said...

Well, at least it sounds like it was the good stuff! Now I won't have to jog around the candy store to work it off.