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Monday, June 16, 2008

Quirks and Quandaries

I’ve been tagged by Karen, aka Karen-Bob, over at Write Now. She said I should list six personal quirks. The problem is, there’s nothing about me that isn’t a quirk, so picking only six leaves me in a dilemma, much like having to choose one dessert over another. I mean, are you going to pick the cherry cheesecake and leave the six-layer Chocolate Sin untouched, or are you just going to Do the Right Thing and dive into the whole dessert tray with a decided Joie de Vivre which is a French term meaning "a fork in each hand"?

So as not to court obvious favoritism, I’ll just throw out six random Highly Interesting Fun Facts and you can decide for yourself the nature of their oddity. (One quirk is that I love words like oddity and use them in conversations. Well, whenever anyone will have a conversation with me. Which is usually in the fruits and vegetables section of the grocery store where I trap someone who doesn’t know me well enough to hide behind the clearance bananas into a discussion of the merits of mangos over kiwis.)

1. I will not be wearing a bikini this season. Oh, it’s not just because I’m worried about throwing Kate Moss and that whole “Cheekbones R US” set into a jealous rage. I’m saddened by their despair and lack of double-fudge brownies, but I’m not going to spend my lunch hour fretting about it. No, the thing is, I just don’t see the point in paying $150 for a swimsuit that no one will ever see the bottom half of. I’m to the stage in life where nothing worn above the thighs and below the belly button is visible to random passers by, and I don’t want to spend a week's wages for a triangle of stylishly designed cloth that will be covered by stretch marks.

2. I read children’s books at night to relax. With ADD brain cells hurling themselves against the insides of my skull with the same relaxing regularity of sixteen marbles and a wheat penny stuck in the dryer with a load of delicates, it’s reassuring to know that the ducklings are going to make it to the island in the public garden every single time.

3. I like geeks. They don’t go with anything, are ill-at-ease in every situation, and have no idea that you’ve just relayed the wittiest joke of the season. But if your computer throws out a fatal error, they can have you back on track in six minutes using only their hands and whatever software they have on their belt-holstered flash drive.

4. I am no longer afraid of circus clowns. After viewing them from behind a popcorn and cotton candy barrier as they cavort in their natural habitat, I am pleased and relieved to say that I am completely comfortable with them in a circus setting. But if I see anybody in a costume at the mall, go ahead and phone for Security. And a First Responder team. And the Jaws of Life.

5. I hate melodrama. If you can make me cry honestly, you get to wear the tiara, but if I have to hear the song “Christmas Shoes” one more time, I’ll puke glitter and rainbows. Luckily, I’ve calmed down since the last time I heard the song six months ago. They’ve almost finished the repairs and hope Santa’s castle will be in shape to grace Center Court at the mall again come Christmastime.

6. I tend to exaggerate.

I’m supposed to tell the rules and tag six people, but I’m feeling rebellious (free quirk; no purchase necessary). I’m just going to tag KODB over at The Doggerel King. That’s because he’s supposed to be working on a daring pirate novel that I really want to read, but instead he’s whiling away his time with selfish miscellaneous activities such as fixing computers for a living. Therefore, I’ll make him write for his blog, an activity which annoys him in a highly motivational way. So be sure to check him out in a month or two and see if he’s taught his new dog some old tricks.


Karen Fisher-Alaniz said...

A fine job young lady! I think we need to make up a t-shirt that says, "Quirkiness Rocks!" As usual, your post got me to thinkin' and laughin'. ~Karen

Robin said...

I never knew you were such a talented writer. i found your blog through a comment you made on the Youth's blog. I've read a few of your older posts and your writing has me hooked. I've saved your blog to my favorites and I'll be checking in more in the future.

Amy Mullis said...

Thanks, Karen. I needed a subject for yesterday's post and there's so much room for humor when I talk about myself!

Robin--Welcome! You made my day. Our Youth are awesome, aren't they? I stay pretty quiet at the church, but I feel that we all need an outlet to have a laugh and poke a little fun at life without having to trip over ugly words with every breath. (I know what to say if I drop a hammer on my toe, but I'd rather keep that between me and the hammer!)

the Bag Lady said...

Ahh, Amy, you never disappoint me! It's been such a zoo around here lately, I haven't had time to comment, but simply had to let you know I'm still reading, still laughing, and have finally learned to put the Depends on BEFORE I click on your blog!!!

colbymarshall said...

Sometimes I think it's strange that I read SOOOOO much young adult material, book-wise, but then I realize other people do it, too. Many don't admit, but I'm glad you've stepped out of the shadows. Haha :-)

Anonymous said...

"I will not be wearing a bikini this season. Oh, it’s not just because I’m worried about throwing Kate Moss and that whole “Cheekbones R US” set into a jealous rage."

Classic! I can't stop laughing.