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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thanks for No Memories

It’s nice to know that, having lived for half a century, I’ve attained royal status. After all, you like to feel like you’ve accomplished something besides housebreaking the puppy and making sandwiches for four million school lunches during all those years.

Among my set, I’m known as the Post-It Queen. My subjects are thousands of brightly colored sticky notes that remind me not to forget to get gas, pick up the dog at the vet, or buy more sticky notes.

It’s not that my memory is fading, it’s. . .well I’ve forgotten exactly what it is, but I have a plastic tiara on my desk to remind me of what counts. Actually, it can be quite beneficial to be forgetful, particularly when it comes to lunches with people you don’t really care for or foolish promises you’ve made to small children.

However, I read in the paper a while back, I can’t recall exactly when or which one, about a lady that remembers everything, and I mean everything, about her life, from the time she was about eight years old. I don’t envy her. There are things I did when I was eight years old that I would just as soon remain shrouded in the mists of time or at least hidden behind the hot pants at the back of the closet.

Also you have to wonder. Does she ever misplace her car keys or does she just have to remember back to juggling all those grocery bags when she came in and march right back to find them still hanging in the lock?

Does she have to relive that awful time in junior high when she tucked her dress into the back of her pantyhose during the bathroom break after sixth period and strolled down the front hall to the gymnasium affording everyone from the substitute shop teacher to the assistant principal a view of her flowered Fruit of the Looms?

Personally if I have to choose, I’d rather rely on a Hello Kitty sticky note that says Buy Buns than have instant access to every memory that I created before I became royalty. Hindsight may be 20/20, but there are times I’d rather lose my glasses for good than see the flooded toilets and wardrobe malfunctions I’ve left in my majestic wake.

But I would like to know what happened to my car keys.


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Damn! I was going to leave a comment on this post, but I forgot what it was about. I know it made me laugh a few times. Damn memory! Where are my keys, anyway?

Nancy said...

I bet you have those Sticky Notes in all sizes and colors, don't you? Uh-oh, my office supply addiction is showing...

Michelle Sherlin said...

OMG You are one of the funniest- I can relate- bloggers I have ever read!! I am so so glad I stumbled upon you!! (forgive the word picture!). I will be back- (I don't see a "Follow" button?) Blessings- Michelle

Mysti said...

Absolutely fabulous, Amy! And while you're at it, will you find where I left my keys?

Geosomin said...

:) Thanks for the smiles.

I'm known around here as the bacon queen...whn I reach 50 do I get a delicious crunchy crown?