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Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaNoo November

The conversation you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed so that everyone can feel my pain. The time was shortly before the onset of November, or 21,245 words ago. I think I've used some of them twice.

"I think you should do NaNo."


It’s not that I can’t keep up, but whenever the Captain wants to win an argument, he uses words I don’t understand. I think he gets them from random advertisements in Popular Science magazine. This one sounded vaguely like one of those yoga poses that causes your hamstring to snap.

“Yep, it’s that. . .”

“Oh, I know. That’s what that alien said on that hokey show back in the 70’s. Remember Robin Williams played him.”

“He didn’t say Nano. He said Nanoo. It means hello. I think.”

“No, I think it meant goodbye. Sort of like Over and Out.”

“Maybe it was one of those all purpose words that means something else. Like Aloha.”

“Aloha? Like in Hawaii? If a research trip to Waikiki is involved, count me in.” Finally, an idea I could get behind to try my spray-on tan.

“Waikiki is way too expensive.”

“Maui? I can pronounce them all, but I can only spell the main ones. I’ve been practicing my vocabulary for extravagant vacation destinations.”

“We’re not going there either.”

“It figures. Like when you say we’ll go to a romantic movie only we never do.”

“I took you to see Inception.”

“What was romantic about Inception?”

“People were asleep.”

I pause. It’s true that when you reach 50, a full night’s sleep is about as rare as a trip to an exotic island. But a movie where the girl dies doesn’t strike me as romantic. “I don’t think that counts.”

“Fine. I’ll take you to a romantic movie.”

“I don’t know what’s playing in Hawaii.”

“We’re not going to Hawaii.”

“See. I told you. You hold out the roast pig then you yank it away.”

“Roast pig?”

“Isn’t that what they eat in Hawaii? When they have those luaus and girls in grass skirts do the hula while you eat?”

The Captain pauses a moment to reflect on girls in grass skirts. “I don’t know. I’ve never been to Hawaii.”

“Looks like you’re not going now, either.”

“I was just trying to talk you into participating in NaNo.”

“Is that one of your SciFi alien words?”

“No. It’s short for NaNoWriMo.”

“Oh, well that makes it better. No trip to Hawaii and now you’re speaking in tongues.”

“It’s short for National Novel Writing Month.”


“You sign up to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.”

“Is one of those words Hawaii?”


“Then you can go sleep by yourself. I’m going to the movies.”

“What’s playing?”

“A romance.”

“Which one?”

“It’s a oldie, playing at the cultural center downtown.”

“But which one?”

“Blue Hawaii. But don't worry. It's a discount show.”


the Bag Lady said...

You're doing NoNo? Oh, wait, that's a typo. (let me start over.....)

You're doing NaNo? Congratulations! And good luck. (I'm not that brave!)

Amy Mullis said...

Okay, Baggie you win! You made me laugh out loud and snort! Surely you have 50,000 words you could throw down in a pinch.

Anonymous said...

I'm supportive of those doing NaNo (in Hawaii or otherwise), but would it kill them to change it to, say, February? No one is doing ANYTHING in February, with the rare exception of romantic husbands and that's only for ONE DAY.

The Super Bowl doesn't count either, because game-day snacks do not include roasting a turkey for 8 hours, washing all the good china, and ordering new linens for visiting relatives.

There. I've said my piece. :D

(How many words was that?)

Amy Mullis said...

87 words including the date stamp. And since they're on my blog, I get to count them, right?

How about March? It has 31 days, it's too cold to go barefoot, and I'm no good at kite flying. I'd be all over March.

Bettedra said...

Amy, since you are discussing my homeland here (I grew up on Oahu and am moving back in five months, woohoo!) I just wanted to chime in and say ALOHA!