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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Friends and Ghiradelli

There are friends and there are friends. There are friends who will pull you out of the burning wreckage of your car and stay with you until emergency assistance arrives. There are friends who will loan you money when the sure thing pulled up lame at the race track.

And then there are friends who will invite you to their beach house and feed you chocolate, which in theory could turn out to be a stalker scenario, but is definitely worth the risk. I don't know about you, but
when the chips are down and you've defrosted the last pack of freezer burned hamburger in fridge and you don't know if your dinner plate will be empty the next time the clock strikes half past supper time, I know which friends I want to have rally around my hunger pangs.

Chocolate wins every time.

So while other folks took their seats at a table full of the trimmings of a dreary turkey dinner basted in tradition one Thanksgiving, my companions and I tucked into bowls full of designer chocolates. The only catch? We were supposed to guess which chocolatier originated each confection. That's like choosing which animal has the spots. The one with the cheap dry cleaner. No problem.

Okay, so I scored low on the test. The consolation prize was still sweet.

But to choose which one I like best? That's like choosing Shakespeare over Tennyson. Renoir over Van Gogh. Marvel over DC. I have a multi-level palette. When the chips are down it doesn’t really doesn’t matter if it’s Spiderman or Superman that keeps your cookies crisp. I can appreciate them all.

So if trying out chocolate samples to see if Godiva can beat Ghiradelli off the line while I’m peering out through a bank of windows that reveal sunlight sparkling on the sea is the ultimate challenge, I have to think that I'm willing to pay the price for friendship.

Chocolate. For the win!

Happy Birthday, David.


Nancy said...

You had me at "Ghiradelli." Will you marry me?

Amy Mullis said...

'Course I will. You'd probably make some awesome chocolate ice cream!

David Allen said...

Well, actually, the game wasn't to identify chocolatiers, but to simply rate the chocolate without knnowing the maker, so as to compare domestic chocolate to French, Belgian, Italian and Swiss brands. So, you didn't score low, just some of the choclates.

Still, the whole exercise was an excuse to feed you and everyone else chocolate without guilt, since calories consumed for research purposes don't count.

Next up, lasagna recipes!

And now, something you can choose:

American Idol or Eurovision?


Amy Mullis said...

Dear, You know the first rule of humor: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. But I'm always up for no-cal research. And we had a blast!

I'm in for lasagna! Can we have bread and cheese?

American Idol for auditions. Eurovision for the WOW factor.