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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Filk You!

He looks harmless enough, right?!
Hurray for our Parter in Sublime who is featuring the friendly music of filk on today's Pure Geek.  Filking happens to be a speciality of our beloved Captain who is dedicated to a life of irreverance. Follow us to Pure Geek and see how the whole business of substituting the ho-hum words of classics (our apologies to Bob Dylan, but Knockin' On Heaven's Door had to go) leads to good times and off-color, I mean, off-the-wall fun.

1 comment:

MrBGum said...

Glad to see that Bill still has Jennifer, and that he still takes her out and caresses ... er, strums her!

If you will confirm your address to my filk e-mail,, I will send you both copies of Bill and I performing at various cons in the past, as well as recordings of the stuff we wrote.

Here's hoping that we can perform together again someday, Bill!