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Thursday, July 18, 2013


We had a storm the other night and the power went out.  We went outside to take a look and the people on one end of the street had power.  We spent some quality time together as a family and when we got home from the restaurant, the people at the other end of the street had power.  So that left a little group of us in the middle of the block who couldn’t watch reality TV.

Nature can be so unfair.

We sat on the porch and watched the rain.

The rain stopped.

We walked the dogs.  The Labradors were excited.  The Dachshund was mad because her feet got wet.  The dogs pooped in somebody else’s yard for a change.  Okay, they didn’t, but it would’ve made the day just a little bit more bearable for us if they had, and everybody’s allowed to dream, right?

We played three games of Sorry.  I won twice so I’m the Champion of the World.

We played with the kitten.  She found the catnip mouse every time.

So she’s the Champion of the World.

It was very hot with no air conditioning.  My son, who is Very Smart, tells me that air conditioners use electricity instead of hamster wheels like I thought.  The kitten was also in favor of the hamster theory.

We opened all the windows and went to bed.

And discovered that animals don’t like it when there is a change in their world.

 We explained to the Labradors that we wouldn’t let any bad guys come through the window and carry them off.   We explained to the kitten that it was not daytime and playtime even though lots of shiny light was coming in through the windows in fancy patterns.

The Dachshund didn’t care. She went to sleep.

And four hours, two Labradors, and a tired kitten later, so did we.

If this were Reality TV, the Dachshund would be the only survivor.

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