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Wednesday, October 13, 2021


The Twelve Steps (Give or Take a Few) of Retirement

1.     Everyone will perish without you

2.     Everyone won’t.

3.     You’ll die, simply die because they won’t.

4.     It will be okay.

5.     You sit on the porch to watch other people go to work.

6.     You sit on the porch because you’re not going to work.

7.     You decide to cook homemade meals from scratch every day.

8.     You rediscover the Crock Pot so you can go back to bed every day.

9.     You order Chinese takeout and wear something without stains to pick it up.

10.You order pizza delivery wearing your bathrobe.

11.You find yourself wearing work clothes as play clothes.

12.You order play clothes off the Internet.

13.You discover that takeout food has made the new clothes shrink.

14.You do a sit up.

15.You discover the danger in doing floor exercises and pull yourself up using a chair.

16.You decide that exercise is dangerous and could involve your health insurance.

17.You shouldn’t put yourself in danger because everyone will perish without you.


Vicki said...

Some of those are very true for me :)

Years ago I followed your blog and loved it, but then I didn't see you post for so long that I thought you'd given up blogging. Imagine my surprise when I decided to check and see if you had posted anything! And you had!!!

Glad to see you back!

Amy Mullis said...

Welcome back! SO glad you stopped by! I've recently retired, and before my husband realizes I have time to cook dinner now, I thought I would dust off the ole blog. And now that I see someone stopping by, I have a new idea I want to try out. Stop by again in the next few weeks to see what sort of thing my idle brain comes up with.