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Thursday, December 2, 2021


An Open Letter to the Man Chasing Chickens With a Leaf Blower

I worked in public service for many years, so it’s pretty tough to throw me a scenario that leaves me speechless.

I worked in a psychiatrist’s office when answering the phone was a lot like playing Hollywood squares. You never knew if the answer would have anything to do with the question. 

I worked in manufacturing where anything could happen when the machinery was having a bad hair day, and in a church where everybody on the outside thinks its peaceful on the inside.  

I have a lot of experience in dealing with the situations that pop up in everyday life.

But I never saw a man chase chickens with a leaf blower. 

Until today. 

The chickens were racing toward the road like your driveway was the final stretch at Churchill Downs. You had to think fast. You reacted with the speed of a mama who hears her toddler answer her phone.

There are well-paid individuals who make a hearty living teaching other people to think outside the box. They have seminars and interact in role playing exercises so that people will find new ways to solve problems.

I’ll bet those guys never thought of herding chickens with a leaf blower. I don’t really think they could handle the concept, because they would want to form a committee to find the best solution. They would create a Chicken Chasing Team.

They can think outside the box.

But YOU can think outside the coop.

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