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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fire Ant

Returning from the Store on a Summer Evening

Got some canned goods for the shelf
And some cookies for myself
Kosher dills stuffed in a jar
Packed the goodies in the car

Drove back home to roof and gable
Placed the groceries on the table.
Felt a bite where none should be
In self defense I turned to flee.

Suddenly I did a dance,
Screamed for help and dropped my pants.
Children paled and ran for cover.
I am NOT a fire ant lover.

Little ant, while climbing higher
Seeking targets for your fire
Found tender flesh left unattended
Took a bite; your life’s suspended.

Little ant, what made you think
A good idea would be to slink
Up past my knees and onward soar
Will you bite me? Nevermore.


Lisa Dovichi said...

OMG!!! *spews water all over the computer*

You crack me up, Doodlesnot!

Amy Mullis said...

That's what I live for, LoserGirl!