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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School Days - Fists and Furies

I need a lunchbox for the Captain, but I’m afraid to go to Wal-Mart.

For local kids, it’s the last week of summer.  Moms across the county have been crossing off the days since June.  They’ve been having Craft Fun with Kids for three months.

If Mom has to glitter glue one more popsicle stick, everyone will die.

The week before school starts, ordinary Moms use their superpowers to supply their kids with every item necessary to get them out of the living room and into the classroom where they can’t spread peanut butter on the dog.

Reach for the wrong thing at WalMart and it’s Clash of the Titans.  Perseus tries to wrestle the last My Little Pony lunchbox with Streamers and Rainbows from the minions of the underworld.

Things aren’t looking good for Perseus.

My boys are long past the Dog Days of Nothing To Do, but I still can’t think of ninety days of Pokemon reruns without shivering a little.  Then there was craft day. Son One made Son Two into a cardboard box robot.  I caught him just before he punched out the eye holes.

With his fist.

The Furies couldn’t have kept me from that last pack of notebook paper.

So even though the Captain needs a new lunchbox, he can wait another week or two.  But I may still go to Wal-Mart.

And pick up some protective gear for the teacher.

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